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Mise à jour d'Axl sur son Twitter

par Eddie 8 Février 2010, 13:44 News

Axl Rose
a effectué une mise à jour sur son Twitter à propos de la tournée canadienne :

"WOW!! The Canadian Run's over already?!! That was insane!! And I mean that in the absolute BEST way possible!! We'll take a few days 2 regroup n' jump in2 the next thing. Thanks 2 everyone 4 coming out, hope u had fun!! We had a blast!! Can't wait 2 see u again!! Special thanks 2 all the fans, r production, video, security, transpo, catering, merchandise, wardrobe, personal n' biz crews, Sebastian n' the Sebastian Bach Band, Maria Bach, Danko Jones, all of r's n' their roadies, techs, the Shot Girls, r personal friends, family n' guests who came out 2 support us, Lucky Beer (Aussie), Bubbles n' all the TPB's (unbelievable ending!!), thanks 4 ALL the positive press n' reviews, it's more than greatly appreciated!! W/the exceptions of r scheduling, n' routing nonsense, a few misguided (minor) media hacks twistin' either Haiti comments or a 2001 bs RS story, all the bumps n' bruises n' landin' on my ass!! Ha! ... All n' all a good run. Would've liked to hit Toronto a bit harder (n' earlier!). Thanks Canada!! A BIG thanks to the band!! Thanks 2 all the well wishers n' 4 all the bday wishes. Ur all 2 kind!! Oh n' the band 4 buyin' me 10 acres on the Moon!! I miss you Moje!! Love Axl"

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En gros Axl remercie Sebastian Bach, Danko Jones, les roadies, les fans, la sécurité, la production, vidéo, le personnel, le transport, la famille, les filles, bubbles, un gros merci au groupe...


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